festival concert schedule

4th January 2022 7:30 pm CRISTINA RODRIGUEZ: Frédérik Chopin, Debussy, Alberto Ginastera, Rodrigo Herrera.

5th January 2022 7:30 pm RODRIGO FURET: Robert Schumann, Heitor Villa-Lobos.

6th January 2022 7:30 pm JORGE PEPI - ALOS:  Carlos Guastavino, Alberto Williamns, George Crumb.

7th January 2022 7:30 pm EDITH FISCHER: L. V. Beethoven, W. A. Mozart, Maurice Ravel.

8th January 2022 7:30 pm:  STUDENT'S CONCERT (program to be confirmed).

4 de Enero 2022  19:30 horas Rodrigo Furet

6 de Enero 2022  19:30 horas Edith Fischer

7 de Enero 2022  19:30 horas Jorge Pepi-Alos 

All concerts will take place at the Municipal Theatre of Valparaiso:

Avenida Uruguay 450,